Tuesday, April 27, 2010

full days

"The days are busy, certainly, but they’re full of such good things."

I'm in process. Of packing and conversations and therapy. Hanging Uppercase orders and going to dinner. Reading books and listening to others as I walk. For the sake of finding joy in everyday life, here are 5 things I am excited about today:

1. It is my brother Austin's 13th birthday and I am remembering how much going to the hospital that day changed our life.

2. I have almost ALL of my shopping for our trip done with the exception of a hat and one more pair of zip off pants.

3. My hair actually looks good today.

4. I am ordering a dishwasher, finally, after a month of the simple life of dishes by hand, I will have my very own new Whirpool white-on-white 24 inch tall tub dishwasher.

5. Laura & I are going to see an entirely all too girlie movie tomorrow night. Oh yes, we will be taking in "the Last Song" with Miley Cyrus. Not ashamed to say it and the popcorn & diet coke will top off the night for sure.

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