Thursday, April 29, 2010

it's a small world after all

So here I sit at Panera Bread, finishing up last minute details (like the delivery date of my new dishwasher, who's excited?!) and closing a few Uppercase parties and who walks in but my once only blog friend, now real life friend, Sarah. Who was a real life friend all along of my bro can now be declared mine as of today. Life is funny that way as I stopped over to see Jodi (blog friend) on my lunch hour yesterday, facebooked with Amber today (blog friend) & ran into another blog only friend in a very random and personal place this week. Sensing a theme here?

I think authentic relationships for me really cross that barrier when there is face-to face interaction. I can and do love to share other people's stories online but there is something real about the flesh and bones of day to day life. It reminds me of Don Miller's book that I am smack dab in the middle of listening to...I am a little behind the times on reading "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" but am really connecting with the theme of story and how little of what we write about is our story but truly what we do charts out the path of our story. So when life goes from the pages, hard copy or web page, into the 3D of relationship, it makes the world a little smaller and life a whole lot fuller.


  1. it IS a small world :)they really need to make those dr office doors a little more stroller friendly...but in this case I'm glad they dont! thanks for saying hi and your helping hand!

  2. It sure was awesome (and random) to finally meet you today! Can't wait till we bump in again...