Friday, April 30, 2010

Israel bound

the only thing standing between me and Galilee is 24 hours. And I simply cannot put into worlds the readiness and excitement we have to get our adventure started. Thankful that we are embarking together, that we found everything on the packing list and that God is here and there all the same. I think that is what I am actually most thankful for, that no matter how much my mind is filled and expanded, that my God is still the same faithful God when I am in Michigan as I He is while I experience Him in a new way in Israel.

things I am looking forward to most:
-- dusty feet, it means you are walking close the the rabbi
-- 2 weeks of walking one foot in front of the other, the way life is supposed to be when we are following hard after God in our every day life
--being with Ryan for 2 weeks straight with no interruptions on either of our parts
--unplugging from EVERYTHING but the land, the people I am with and my Bible/journal

to follow our journey, you can check it out at walkingthetext

thanks for your prayers and support, we feel so blessed and truly in awe of this opportunity and cannot wait to share all we learn when we return.

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