Tuesday, April 6, 2010

girls' day out

the girls (squinty-eyed, I should have busted out my shades)

I do have the world's best mother in law. Sorry. She's taken! Every year Ryan's mom takes his sis, Rochelle and I on a little day trip. I think this year may have been my favorite thus far. We met last Friday at 9:30 and headed to downtown Rockford, a little gem of a town about 15 miles north of Grand Rapids. Again, my state pride continues to rise this time of year, there are so many great places in Michigan that I don't even know much about!

We spent our morning wandering in and out of boutiques and crafty stores, along with a resale shop where I eyed a pair of Gap jeans and just knew they would be perfect. So for $23, they were mine! When does that ever happen with jeans? The 3 of us tend to get a little goofy together and there was a lot of laughter packed into the day including the time when I spilled on myself over our lunch at Arnie's and asked what a bib for adult would be called. Rochelle's response: "an apron". oh. haha. that one really got us. We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering again and capped it off with frappes from McDonalds....ahh
so nice to stop and smell the roses sometimes:


  1. Yay for family fun! Love your outfit!

  2. Yea!! Girls day out. what a great day full of fun,joy,and laughter :)