Wednesday, April 7, 2010

more confessions

1. I have ironed more in the past week that I have in the past year combined I think. Which means I have ironed 3 shirts in a year.

2. I hate putting sheets on the bed and rolling sleeping bags. must have something to do with a bedding complex.

3. I was tempted to skip my pilates this morning and watch something fun on Hulu like "If I can dream" or "Parenthood". I resisted, maybe only because I ate handfuls and handfuls of homemade caramel corn at Jon and Joy's last night.

4. I only have 2 hairstyles, up or down with a few versions of them including a high and low ponytail and a headband. Jealous of those who can properly tease and slightly considering a bump it. If anyone is brave enough to fess up to having one, do tell all on what you think.

Feel free to let a load off too! Gotta scoot to work so I don't have to add #5 as "late to work for blogging."


  1. loved your confessions! a few of mine:

    1. i've never liked reality tv. but for some reason, lately, i can't resist this season's biggest loser.

    2. spring break is the best thing ever invented. i love being in pjs till 10:00 and not showering.

    3. my new favorite breakfast is oatmeal with peanut butter in it!

    (i also hate to iron... and changing sheets is the WORST!)

  2. These posts crack me up. I always love the way your hair looks! You don't need that bump thing. haha I share your icky feelings towards bedding. My confessions is that I rarely make the bed and my hubby makes it when he comes home from work (since he leaves for work before the crack of dawn and I of course am still asleep, and he loves a made bed). That's so pathetic to say out loud that I am now going to try to make the bed more often.

  3. better to wear your hair natural and not wear a "bump it".... a lady at our gym wears one and it's so obvious... and Kyle always picks out people who wear them.... hilarious. :)

  4. 1. I'm enjoying Tiger baseball much more than I thought.

    2. I talk to my dog as if he were a person. He helps me process things from time to time :)

    3. I've never liked those Willow-Tree people...those no-faced pieces of rock freak me out. This is not really a confession as much as I hope people stop buying these things...Bekah, I'm looking at you babe.