Thursday, April 8, 2010

prepare to be inspired

Within the past few weeks I have become aware of a couple new creative ventures so great I couldn't help but share.

First off, Sarah over at Auburn Street just announced that she opened an Etsy shop featuring her little notebooks and I can't help but fall in love with the way she reuses items that have meaning but no where to go. here is what she said about it:

"I draw my inspiration from vintage books, old maps, typewriters and vintage travel paraphernalia. My goal is to get the most use out of recycled materials - saving even the smallest scraps. " Check her out here:

Second, if I moved to Nashville, I may just ask this girl for a job to soak up some of her creativity...Maggie was a freshman on my wing (2E0 woot woot!) during junior year when I was a PA. She lived in the 3 man with Tiffany and Natalie and always had a marker collection to die for. After I moved to Holland, she was a student at Hope so we ran into each other from time to time but now she is putting her creativity to work by opening her own little store in TN.

follow her journey to the Grand Opening on April 17th here.

And finally, drum roll please. For all of those who know the word blogger and think about layouts and writing, 2 local girlies (one of whom is my friend Jodi) have put together the weekends of all weekends. They are calling it Gleek Retreat and it will be taking place next month at a gorgeous and nature filled retreat center about 15 minutes north of Holland. Think of it as a girl's weekend with goodie bags (complete with Uppercase Living gift cards from yours truly), a nature hike, awesome speakers from all over the US, wine, a sleepover and so many other fun opportunities to connect. Some people have creative memories, others make cards and knit, and some blog. Maybe that connects with those who craft in other ways. For those whose craft is writing, this is your weekend.

Always happy to have the chance to brag up my friends :) And best of all, I get to go see my dear friend Bethany this weekend and finally meet her little boy Hunter! so blessed!


  1. you are so so sweet! thank you so much for your support and enthusiasm about my little venture!

    i wish i had known about the blog retreat earlier... it sounds like so much fun, and i'm all about networking and meeting new people! i know you'll have so much fun!