Monday, April 12, 2010

a weekend away: to Indiana and back

Ahh. What a weekend. You know those friendships where you drive in on a Friday night after not seeing each other for 10 months and you just know that it is where you left it and you won’t want the weekend to end? That was what this past weekend was for me.

Things were exactly where we left off with the exception that last time I saw Bethany she was 6 months pregnant and now her little boy is more than half a year old. But that only added to our conversation and connection together because it gave me so much joy to see her in her daily life as a mom. And her little guy Hunter is SUCH a cutie! We enjoyed lots of laughter, conversation, a movie on the couch, a walk around the neighborhood and best of all, a visit to our alma mater, Taylor University. It was such a welcome break to the intensity level in my life lately.

Good ole TU hasn’t changed TOO much in the past 5 years in some ways and in others it felt like the campus had moved on from us. I know, hard to believe. Very nostalgic in a familiar way that I can see Bethany, Emily, Kelli and I bounding up those stairs after our 5:00 dinner every day and running up and down those halls screaming about pick a dates and inside jokes and Crazy Tuesday (99 cent breadsticks and diet cokes). Here are a few pics but jump over to B’s blog for more.

What visit would be complete with a trip to Ivanhoes?! The grasshopper sundae (mint chip with fudge) tasted just as good as it did the million other times I had it during my years at Taylor.

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