Wednesday, June 16, 2010

knee deep in summer

It is that time of year where everything is centered around flip flops, grilling out & enjoying the season...blogging finds its place somewhere in between the bbqs and pool parties.

So here are a few things from the past week since St. Louis:

For the date night that I was promised...Ryan took me to the Electric Cheetah in GR and it was another one of those places so great you want to share it with friends. Lucky Amber & Sarah, who both live in cool places near enough to frequent it often, but for the rest of us, these little Eastown gems are a special treat.
We shared the "raw" fries which are fries sliced as thin as potato chips...a ketchup lovers dream:

and the brocolli salad which was equally, if not more, delicious. Fresh produce and all from local farmer's markets & providers.

I spent all day Saturday hanging out at the 2nd annual "art in the park" in Hudsonville where our church had a booth with a couple of other crafting friends and then had my fam over on Saturday night...Toby was obviously excited to celebrate:

cuties: Erich & his girlfriend Allison whom I love! (can't wait for another family vacation with these 2 this fall! Hilton Head in 3 months...)

this is how "home" looks in my mind:

Ever so thankful for the miracles that took place in our family this spring & can't help but think that when I see this picture of the 5 of us.

making wishes for our 25th & 27th year. Love being the older sister!

Allison got me this new scarf for my b-day which I LOVE and is a sign she knows me well because she said it just looked like me.

Another new thing that started this week is our high school Summer Intern program at EGM-- which means I get to spend one day a week with these 2: Laura & Ryan and our 6 incredible students!

I will leave you with this...a little preview of a giveaway I am working on with a crafter I met Saturday whose specialty is "flowers & feathers..." drooling yet?!

fashion disclaimer: my obsession with scarves may be morphing into hair accessories.


  1. Ahhhhh, summer. Isn't it amazing that it's finally here??

    So glad you could make it down to Eastown... the Electric Cheetah is delish! And I love seeing Al and Erich's smiling faces here. They came to visit me when I was all sweaty at my booth on Saturday. They are my favorite :)

    Hope your craft sale went well! Let me know if you do one again, so I can stop by!

  2. You looked so cute on your date night. I am lovin the hair accessory trend. I have yet to be bold enough to try it though.