Sunday, June 20, 2010

blogiversary 2.0

It has been 2 years since I started sharing my thoughts on the World Wide Web and I was curious in thinking through all that has poured out of me in those 2 years as to what some of the themes have been. So I took inventory and this is what I came up with according to my tags on my posts:

about me (31)
celebrations (17)
community (21)
friendship (31)
growth (21)
learning something new (17)
seasons (29)
simple joys (27)
worship (33)

A few conclusions from those numbers...I am trying to figure things out in my own life and relationally (aren't we all?) I have been sensing lately that it is important to know our own journey: to walk backwards into the future appreciating where we have come from (something we learned in Israel). I miss it, Israel that is. I find myself longing to engage depth but today something wonderful happened. I was able to live in the moments and not think too hard beyond the fact that I was enjoying sitting outside, enjoying good food and company.

I talked about movies and books; we laughed about past vacations and talked about those to come. I played with my dog and kissed my husband; I ate ribs with Sweet Baby Ray's and drank a great wheat beer in the sunshine on the deck. Nothing to analyze or debate, just a day to be enjoyed.

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  1. aw, happy blogiversary! and i'm glad you had a chance to relax and just enjoy the day yesterday. i'm all for introspection and depth, but sometimes you just need a good drink, yummy food, and interesting company :)