Tuesday, June 1, 2010

we interrupt the Israel blogging for:

an update on normal life:

A wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Michigan kick-starting the summer of things I love around here like a Saturday morning in Holland with Christina & running into friends:

(Kate this picture is for you).

We spent Saturday between benches & shops, sipping JP's...tulip time blend of course while we caught up on life, thankful for great friendships like these. I did have to pick up a bag of Good Life granola at the Farmer's market of course!

We are usually on a wine tour on this front bookend of summertime; last year we were these two cats:

Due to just having traveled, we decided to keep it local this Memorial Day. We spent a lot of time around the house, had a bonfire with the neighbors and spent Sunday night & all day yesterday at the cottage.

The weekend also included my first attempt at schnitzel, something we ate in Israel and fun to share with my Dad & Evon. I continue to process deeply and realize that something in my paradigm was reshaped by our time in Israel. Thank for for your encouragement to keep writing...a few more posts left including these working themes:

hospitality & hope
Galilee: a few little fishing boys
traveling & teachings
mountaintops & making disciples
the shining city: Jerusalem

The beginning of June also marks the beginning of my birthday month--which my sister in law reminded me this morning via facebook. Haha. love that my family engages in this silliness.

For some good reading today, head over to Molly's new blog for her "coffee for thought" today. I met Molly two years ago through working at William Edwards; were both different girls in different jobs and our friendship has continued to be a blessing through the ebb and flow of the past two years. To know Molly is to love Molly & I am so glad she has started to share her writing with the world at large.


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Love you!

  2. Wow, Bekah! Thank you:) I feel the very same way about you...cannot wait until we can catch up on all of the beautiful things going on in each other's lives (so soon!). You're such a blessing!

  3. Life has gotten ahead of me and staying updated on my hoofs have fallen behind. Love this pic and that my beautiful sis and brother made it into your blog! So... ill be home from the 30th-July 10... any chance I can see you?!

  4. Hoofs equals blogs in my language apparently...