Thursday, July 22, 2010


I think I may be experiencing some post-mission's trip whiplash. Life always rushes in and seems to fill up the cracks of free time after being gone for a week! So as I sit here and listen to a major storm brewing outside the windows of my old house, here are a few updates from the week...and a giveaway as the icing on the cake.

1. As of yesterday, I am no longer the proud owner of a Jeep Liberty. It's true, this beauty now belongs to a very lucky 17 year old boy across town.

She will now drive him to football practice and homecoming and to the last few beach days before his senior year. It's a good thing, parting with the Jeep as the gas was expensive and I didn't need an SUV anymore but a bit painful in ways as I feel like we are taking some steps to downsize life a bit. the rubber meeting the road on some emotions we have been having for awhile but there is always a little screech with the separation. just being honest.

2. I found out about this book this week and my heart is jumping to read it. I am really missing our time in Israel in deep ways as I continue to process the things God taught me there about Himself. (PS...Sarah's dad wrote this....hi Sarah)

In The Land Between, author Jeff Manion uses the biblical story of the Israelite's journey through Sinai desert as a metaphor for being in undesired, transitional space. . You can read the rest of the summary on Amazon here:

3. Last but not least...a giveaway that is LONG overdue. Remember when I posted this picture:

Well I am still kind of obsessed with hair accessories this summer and been talking to the designer of my fancy feather flower and she is going to bless someone with their own little fancy flower. are the three choices up for grabs and one person will win the flower of their choice! Check out more at her Lira Creations facebook page as well!

Take a peek & check out the description below each flower-- then let me know which is your fave and why! I will choose a winner on Sunday night so have fun dreaming up your next fashion statement and leave a comment to win.

Fascinator Daisy in amazing turquoise and crystals. Accented with a Curly Ostrich Feather. Flower measures 5" across and is attached to a pressure clip for security.

Hawaiian Tropics.... This is a simple and stately variegated yellow flower with hand beaded crystals and pearls in shades of green, yellow and peach. It measures 4" across.

Bigger, bolder, better! This is a 3.5" luminescent dogwood hair piece accented by hand strung pearls and crystals. True flower color is more of an off white.

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  1. I like the Hawaiian tropics one. Miss you... phone date soon!?i