Monday, July 26, 2010

cottage life

This weekend was an unexpected getaway for Ryan and I and we spent the whole weekend at my grandparent's cottage, just the two of us and Toby of course. We did nothing more than take naps, read, talk and eat good food. It is a MUST to have a bowl of ice cream every night around 9:45 at the cottage...We haven't had any time with Ryan's school schedule and such to do that since Israel and it makes such a difference to just breathe deeply for a few days.

I didn't even take any pictures intentionally so that we would just enjoy the slow life and that we successfully did. Our one outing included a trip to the local small town theater to see this movie:

and oh my goodness, the cast was amazing.

I loved the depth of the plot and would encourage you to check it out yourself. Leonardo has really flourished as an actor, in my humble opinion, since the original days of Titanic. Not that I saw it 3 times in the theater or memorized many lines from it in high school or anything. Regardless, it was a talented bunch and a great thrill from beginning to end.

I also realized this weekend that my fast food snobbery is turning around thanks to McDonald's new smoothies and the good ole snack wraps. Not sure this is something to be proud of but more of a confession that you can't knock it till you try it...

And last but not least...a giveaway winner!! Happy that after all of her entries in past giveaways, Bethany will now be rocking this flower in her hair, on her summertime bag or wherever she pleases: