Friday, August 6, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

Can't believe it has been over a week and a half since I last blogged. It's kind of like any other habit, that once you get out of it, the easier it is to stop for a bit. So for the sake of time and interest, here is a little catch up on the past 10 days...

Part of my hiatus may have been due to the fact that this came:

Those who know me know I can't say enough about Shauna's ability to put life to words in her writing. So there I sat, on a quiet little park bench in Zeeland reading away with the bubbling of the fountain as my soundtrack. My own little piece of heaven as I underlined and starred pages, filling the margins with my own pieces of bittersweet reflections. I will save my favorite reflections for a future post (or two), especially in anticipation of Shauna coming to share this fall with Grand Valley's Campus Ministries and all of the girls Stacie & I love there. It's going to be a beautiful evening, I can feel it already.

On the topic of writing, I have been doing a bit more of it, which is partly why my blogging is slacking. I have for awhile been wanting to put my heart to paper, to reflect on the past few years at a deep level and really get some of my journey written down. I have failed miserably at journaling during this time so I'm kickin it Doogie Howser style and typing away. I hope to someday share some of those reflections but for now, they are between me and google docs.

As far as life outside of words goes, Emily & Dennis came this past weekend, a wonderfully refreshing time full of lots of coffee on the couch and my favorite part of the weekend perhaps--antiquing. Emily requested that we hit up a few local spots looking for unique pieces to accent their new home which I know she will write about here....(hint hint)...

We had some great finds-- mainly right here in Zeeland at the new Not so Shabby downtown and Second Chance Designn in Holland. Emily also brought me the best kind of present, something I have been wanting to buy myself. Coasters from our creative friend Mandii @ Blue Eyed Pearl (also found here). She created a mix and match set for me and each of them are so beautiful and unique. I haven't taken a picture of them yet but here is one of another set from her etsy store. Go check them out- you will love them too!

And now here we are, on the front end of another gorgeous Michigan weekend and I am in my bathing suit as I write this, having spent a warm sunny day at the beach. It's about time for my bi-weekly Aldi run- oh yeah! Hope you are enjoying summer days as well.

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  1. so I may have used your links... and gotten a twinge of greed! I love those coasters! (Am i feeling a give-away?) and I want to walk through that store with you again with all the cute cottage-style goods displayed so carefully, like icing on cupcakes.... Love it! Love you!