Thursday, August 19, 2010

a little of this and that

Thanks to Miss Mandii, this little blogger award will break my blogging hiatus. With this award, the commissioning is to write 7 little bits of info. Without further ado:

1) When I was in high school, my dream was to write for Women's Sports and Fitness magazine...sadly that publication was cancelled when I was 17 and it took me until I was 22 to get rid of my archived copies. Now I would love to blog for as a guest travel blogger. love me some Michigan!

2) I rode a tandem bike for the first time this week and it was way harder than it looks; I will definitely be sharing more thoughts about that in the near future on here.

3) I love nothing more than an old home. I'm not sure I will ever own anything built before 1950-- although the idea of a condo with built in landscaping does sound nice.

4) This Saturday I will attend my 27th Danish Festival- that's right, I have been going every year since I was born as a family tradition that includes a 2.5 hour parade and lots of candy. that's for kids of course.

5) I am almost late everywhere I go. Just close enough to late to be stressed and under pressure but not enough to miss anything. Not a good habit but true.

6) Shorts are my least favorite thing to wear and I just found a pair, maybe the first, that I actually like a lot for $12 from JcPenny.

7. I would love to go to Egypt one day. I never thought those words would come from my mouth but after our time in Israel I am deeply intrigued by the story and places of Egypt. Clarification, this doesn't replace my desire to visit the blue and white places of Santorini, Greece. just for the record.

As part of this blogger award, I get the joy of passing it on to two more friends. So Bethany and're up next!


  1. JC penny shorts??! I might just need you to send me that link!! You would be a great michigan blogger. how can we make that happen?

  2. JCPenny never ceases to surprise me!