Tuesday, August 24, 2010

living in today

I find myself really thankful tonight- for friends whose homes I can enter without knocking or by just walking through the back door. It seems like the more I get back into the swing of working full time and gearing up for Ryan's last semester, the more I appreciate the friendships we have in this season. And I need them because one of the emotions I felt in the quiet part of my day (before the backdoor reflections) was "stuck".

As in, knowing that each day of our lives is transition between where we are and where we are going perhaps and yet knowing that the fullness of life exists in today. If I don't give it my all today, whose to say tomorrow will be any fuller? You know what I mean? I think we can spend so much time wondering and wishing that we miss today. Preaching to the choir here.

So for today, I am committing myself (AGAIN) to the now and asking God to illuminate the next little steps. I started my "praises and prayers" notebook again because I wanted to see those little things in the days that are so easily missed. I carry it in my purse because unfortunately, life moves so quickly that if we don't catch glimpses of things and commit them to memory, sometimes we are just on to the next.

With my efforts to find life in the now, here is what this week includes so far:

--seeing our friends Jon & Joy dedicate their beautiful little girl Ella Joy. another Ippel to love!
--10 minute dates in the morning and afternoon with Ryan as we are down to one car for a little bit, counting those as an opportunity to connect rather than a scheduling pain makes it a lot easier.
--the mini Israel reunion we had last night at Brad & Shallon's reconnecting, eating hummus and hanging out with these friends:

Ryan & Brad, Mt. Arbel

Ryan & Jeremy, Sea of Galilee

Ryan & Aaron, Mt. Carmel

Laura, Kristi, Bekah, Jerusalem

What are you thankful for this week?

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