Saturday, August 28, 2010

making lemonade: using what you've got

I happen to love decorating with lemons (inspiration taken from here)

But let's get real, there is not an open ended budget for things like re-decorating the rooms in our homes each time we have the whim to. So I have started to use what I have (when life hands you decor- get crafty!) and have over time really enjoyed seeing the different things I use re-appear in new ways. Here are some of the latest combinations around my house:

the shutter in action. After all my debating, I decided simple was best for now.

an updated window frame with some updates added by painting an old wood frame white & gluing it onto the window for more dimension:

a combination of some old punch glasses from a set my Grandma gave me, some candles from the dollar store & a candle stand that I got from the local mission thrift store about two years ago.

I also love the idea of using old things to create something new and am so happy to share the final product of the shutter headboard that Michelle and I created. Remember when we purchased these goods back in February:

We started with the shutter which was already a bit shabby due to the fact that we found it at an antique store. Michelle then painted a piece of barn wood that I had left over from some earlier projects with paint that she already had, the tan color from their living room in fact. We designed our own flair with the dream & little fancy parenthesis using my Uppercase Living DIY tool and voila!

So when you feel the urge to redecorate coming out, before you drive yourself to Hobby Lobby, check your kitchen, your husband's workshop and your current set up for inspiration. You might just surprise yourself!

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  1. I love all your creative decor! I find myself in that predicament a lot... wanting to re-decorate, but not be able to afford it. Thanks for the inspiration.