Thursday, September 2, 2010

a few of my favorite things: fall edition

As we transition into fall, I can't help but be excited and distracted by the changing of colors in my very own front lawn. wow. brilliant and inspiring. Here are a few other things I am loving lately: new Mary Janes ala Target because even though I would hope to always keep my style more "classic" in nature, life is too short to not include a little flair: (sorry for the small pic)

2. Swirlberry! yum. They just opened a shop in downtown Saugatuck which is the perfect healthy alternative to my normal mile high ice cream cone. They offer a "make your own" frozen yogurt bar and Tuesday evening's combo included latte yogurt with chocolate chips, granola & a little coconut on top.

3. writing. off the blog and with introspection. I am pushing through thoughts that find their way into my mind regularly covering everything from transition to fighting for joy in everyday life, to forgiveness and friendship. I'm starting to get more attached to it, this little document that keeps growing and taking a life of its own. I'm not sure what more will come of it but I am starting to take more seriously the idea of sharing it with others in some fashion or another. If I am honest, I want to write a book. So I write and whether it shows up on a shelf somewhere or not, I am loving the process.

4. Also loving fall for students and the transition as it brings them back to local high school and college campus'. Monday night I roamed the lawn at GVSU, laughing and hugging some of my favorite students as our ice cream bars dripped in the heat. I love the uninhibited passion that returning to campus brings as some spent summers at camps, internships and working around home. Everyone had a story to tell, including my hilarious friend Carly who promised she would start blogging again and did she ever deliver. She shared her sentiments about how fast it all goes on the cusp of her senior year here on her blog and I loved reading her perspective.

5. And last, but certainly not least, how could I share my fall favorites without including these little gems:
They always remind me of fall at Taylor because every September I would go down to the front desk at Olson Hall to find a package waiting from my mom and inevitably these were included. I think one year I ate a whole bag in one sitting. what? their addicting!

What are some of your fall favorites?


  1. 1. Hoodies

    2. Picking Apples

    3. Hay rides

  2. football, Football, FOOTBALL! (and my friend Bekah...but she is a year-round favorite thing!)