Sunday, October 3, 2010

on being home

It's fall, my favorite time of year and like no other year before, my homebody tendencies have completely risen to the surface. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing this for 6 days in Hilton Head:

That is, when I didn't have my head in a book! I read these THREE within the week that we were there and remembered my life as a junior higher, always with my nose in a book.

But now that we are back it feels like the transition has been made into sweater-wearing, hot chocolate drinking, cuddle up on the couch all day weather. My closet hasn't quite made the transition so I am trying to figure out a few new fall staple looks, which usually defaults me back to boots and scarves and cardigans.

Other than that, I am still trying to figure out how to keep life quiet in this season while Ryan finishes his last big semester of undergrad and we seek out what God has for us next. I wouldn't quantify my emotion as bored, more as constant and thankful for a little less noise. Including spending less time online (trying to at least) and trying to balance life now that I am working full time again. I am also taking a 7 week class with some of our Grand Valley friends & a few others we know at the local seminary on the Hebrew culture & how it impacts the Old Testament as part of my desire to keep what we learned in Israel present in my mind and my heart. I'm anticipating these Thursday evening classes to become a favorite part of my week during this time and thankful for the chance to participate.

That's about it for now but I didn't want to stay away forever! If anyone has any fall fashion ideas for me, do share.

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  1. fall fashion -- cardigans. Get them in every style and color. Seriously -- easy for Saturdays and professional during the week. Dress down with jeans, up with a silky top and jewelry. A must.