Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bittersweet event

I have been looking forward to fall events since Stacie & I started dreaming this summer. We knew that it would mean launching back into the school year for her and sharing more stories and life with the campus ministries students that Ryan & I have been so blessed to fall in love with as well.

One thing that ran through conversations over coffee with Katie, Megan, Naomi, Michaeleen, and excited talks with Laura & Amanda were little snippets of wisdom that I recognized from a familiar voice, Shauna Niequist. It was like some type of sisterhood, realizing that an author had taken so many of our experiences and put them onto the page. That being said, when something came out on Shauna's blog about the book tour for her second book, Bittersweet, we couldn't wait to get GVSU on the list.

I truly loved Bittersweet in a way different than Cold Tangerines. There was something so much more raw and exposed in these confessions, on the seasons of life where it feels like you are being stretched and grown in so many directions. It felt safe, like someone else had been there. The week this book came out, Molly and I sat over coffee at JPs and I read her some things about friendships and rich relationships and Molly devoured it in the next few days and shared a few thoughts here.

I could say so much more but will leave it to you to pick up a copy yourself...you may even see a giveaway around here in the next few weeks as we look forward to having Shauna in a room with so many we love.

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  1. Okay, I will have to read that book! Sounds better than the one on discipline that I'm in the middle of right now. = ( Been thinking of you today, Bek! Hope you are enjoying the fall. = )