Monday, October 11, 2010

the wonder of a week

Always amazed at the difference seven days can make in one's demeanor and outlook. It snuck up on me really, the reality of a gap between God and I. Once I sat down in church last Sunday, it became apparent in my spirit and the worship I was offering that I had forgotten, again. You see, I go through all of my normal days and weeks, offering prayers when I remember or think of it, reading when I want inspiration but I had once again missed the opportunity for the relationship part to be real.

If I have learned anything, it is that I can't go alone. Because I won't go anywhere. So I threw out an S.O.S. to Ryan in panicky words and tears, sharing my realization and asking for help. And as anti-climatic as it was, the reminders that he reverbiated back to me were more about confessions and moving forward and less about some major overhaul. It's when I live my faith by my emotions that I get all turned around and twisted but when I take one day at a time, I can breathe deeply and soak up the blessings around me. The week that followed felt a lot more livable, giving me space to recognize God again in my days instead of hurrying past Him.

And space to be thankful for the little things between the big ones. Such as:

-a dinner date with my grandparents tonight
-an upcoming cottage weekend with my love! (our favorite)
-the GIANT caramel & chocolate covered apple that Laura makes us every October as youth leaders. More than a few nights worth of night snacks for sure.
-Jodi's upcoming cooking demo where she is teaching us to make pasta & bread. There is hardly a thing I love more than pasta and bread.mmm.carbs. Michelle & I had so much fun at her first one back in February & I can't wait to learn some fun new kitchen tips!
-unexpected packages in the mail from sweet friends. I love mail!
-crazy warm October nights, which Toby can't seem to get enough of. Oh, and PS, I am just now realizing how many cell phone pictures we take of our dog now that we both have smart phones. I would say it is kind of embarrassing but I love it too much.

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  1. A good reminder to be thankful for the big and little things. Hugs!