Monday, December 6, 2010


* I may drink hot chocolate just for the marshmallows.
* I am too lazy to upload the recent pics I have taken but wish my posts had more pictures lately, thanks for reading anyways!
* I can't make pasta without having the water boil ever. It happens EVERY time.
* The last time I deep cleaned my bathroom is beyond me. Gross, I know but I seem to be happy with doing just enough to get by in that department sometimes.
* I am truly loving the little bump developing around my middle and for the first time in a long time, I feel so at home in my own skin.
* My commitment to writing feels a bit like working out sometimes, I don't always love getting ready to do it and find every excuse not to, but when I do, I swear the same endorphins buzz through me (minus the calorie burning).
* Sometimes when I get up in the morning and see all of this snow I consider for a moment, just a short moment, going back to bed and covering up in my flannel sheets to pretend that it is Saturday.
* I just checked out The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it is due in a mere seven days. I fully intend to give the 600 pages of it my best effort in that time.

these are my confessions (cue Usher lyrics)
what do you need to get off YOUR chest?

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  1. The marshmallows are the best part! I can't wait to see a baby bump pic:)

    I may occasionally buy myself a Christmas present or two while Christmas shopping for others.