Monday, December 6, 2010

official marker of Christmas

To me, the first Christmas card signals that the holiday season is officially here. I get out my fancy card holder that I got a few years ago on a post-Christmas sale and carefully arrange and rearrange the cards as they come in. Most importantly, the ones with the pictures must be in clear view. I think I am going to do both a picture and a letter this year, for the sake of loving both.

As I sit here and drink my hot chocolate (read: eat marshmallows by the fist full) I am browsing through a few fun layouts on Shutterfly, thinking gleefully about all of the friends who do picture cards. Here are a few I love:

A little mix of eclectic & a touch of dark brown through each of those I really dig. Especially important is the message on third one of peace, love & joy, elements that I believe should be part of us year round. You will just have to wait and see which one I choose!

I am about halfway done with my gift giving and the calendars on here caught my eye as well & I am tucking that idea away for a gift for the grandparents-to-be for next year. But that is next year, and this is this year so I better get a little more creative for the time being before anything with our child on it will count as a worthy gift! For tonight I am focusing on sitting by the tree, drink in hand and soaking up the quiet between parties .

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