Thursday, February 24, 2011

on wanting a van.

There are certain ways pregnancy seems to prepare you for being a mom. Like the fact that you don't know just how much sleep you will get and you find yourself awake for two hours in the middle of the night. Case and point, last night from 11:30-1:30. No good reason. At least with a baby there is a reason. It also prepares you in advance by the fact that carrying snacks in your handbag becomes a regular thing during these nine months, something that I have to believe comes in handy when there is a kiddo in tow.

However, nothing prepares you for a minivan. Some of us were just born wanting to drive one. Yes, I confess, any residual "cool" factor I have left might just go out the window but I love driving a van. I could attribute it to the fact that I learned to drive with a van or it could be that I just feel at home in one. All I know is that as I drive high-schoolers around on afternoons like today, I anticipate the days when my own kids will be the ones carrying on the conversations about their teachers, their days and the latest love interest. I am not naive to the fact that some days they will be too cool for me or that these conversations take place in hybrid vehicles, cars or trucks. But for now, I dream of a van.

For a little more inspiration on the swagger wagon, you can always throw it back to this hit from last spring. Thank you Toyota for putting my dream to music.

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