Tuesday, February 8, 2011

sick day: link love

Well, I haven't left the house in three days now and surprisingly I am not going stir- crazy. Could be the fact that I am sleeping around the clock to try and get well so I can get back into the swing of things. Nothing to be majorly concerned about, just a sore throat and cough that has left me with no choice but to sleep, drink lots of water, and another good reason to eat oranges (STILL my craving of choice).

With that, I have had some extra time to visit my favorite sites and while I can't wait to share about the retreat this weekend, I thought I would give you a few of these lovelies first:

today's letters. Where have I been? This blog is fresh and chooses to enjoy the little things in life and in marriage. Also good to know that the mrs. is a TU grad. Check out their about page to read more of their story and the ways they have grown in their marriage.

Molly has been successfully blogging everyday for the past twenty days and has committed to doing so for eighty more. Especially unique because those are the 100 days before her first baby is to come into this world. I especially loved her thoughts on her dog Kruger being her trusty companion, so fitting for my last three days in bed.

Always love my hubby's perspective and have been appreciating his thoughts right now on the story of Abraham as we go through a 8 week series with our high school students. More here.

offermatic. Can we say obsessed? Like groupon but more. It sends you deals based on how you already spend and freebies for things you do. Send me an email: bekah_wallace@yahoo.com, if you want to sign up. (that way I get points too!)

Loved Amanda's list today on how to simplify life. So practical and refreshing to think that changes just start with small steps.

a little reminder, that I posted a shutterfly giveaway that ends on Thursday night. Go here for the rules and to enter.

My favorite indulgent blog. Hollywood Housewife. different than she sounds and yet so refreshing on a regular basis as she journeys through a life I will never know but love to read about from afar. Especially loved her recent series on her true life love story.

My friend Christy's phototography site. She recently offered to do some maternity pics for us as a barter for some computer/printer updates she needs in her home and studio offices. I have know Christy for 6 years and have loved watching her business blossom since she first started taking pics on the side while she was an art teacher. Now to decide what to wear & when (aka, how big do I want to be)?. Open to all insight!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Kelly & her husband David are adopting from South Korea and have designed some rocking t-shirts with this logo to help raise funds and awareness:

Check out their blog for more info on ordering a shirt and for the coffee lovers, they also have an adoption coffee store here where $5 from each bag purchased goes towards their bringing their little one home. What a cool way to be able to support them!

what links are you loving lately?


  1. Thanks for the encouraging shout out, Bekah! We really should still get Kruger and Toby out for a play date sometime :) I loved all of your links, and would love to hear more about offermatic...over coffee perhaps? I have time next week if you have an afternoon that's good for catching up. Love you!

  2. Thanks Bek! I am sorry it's taken me SO long to finally read your post. We are so blessed by your support, thank you!