Friday, February 4, 2011

blizzards and blessings...

As I watched my neighbors dig my car out Wednesday morning, still a bit unsure WHY I was going to work in the mess of Snowmageddon 2011, I was struck by how kind it was of them to make sure our driveway was clear for me to get to work (even though everything else in town was closed). Ok, I'm over it, really. They bought us lunch at work and let us go at 3:00 so it wasn't too bad. Back to Wednesday morning. Once I was able to scale the heights of the snow drifts and make my way onto the roads I realized that without the 4 wheel in the suburban I was driving, I wouldn't have made it anywhere.

Yup, the 'burb that the friends who are living in Lebanon for a few years kindly gave us to "keep running" for them until they get back for the summer in April. Just when we thought we were going down to one car for awhile, that blessing dropped into our lap and although we try to stick to using it moderately, it has come in handy more than once. Days like Wednesday, the times we needed to transport things, help friends move & not fight over who was going to drop the other off to have the car for the day, the suburban has been a surprise blessing.

It got me thinking about the other things along the journey of the past few months that have just "dropped into our laps". Like the beautiful crib & dresser set that friends just happened to set aside in their garage sale before they even knew we were pregnant. They thought $100 was a fair price and we knew that was more of them being gracious and basically giving us a huge gift and we took it. A blessing. And then there are the 4 or 5 friends whose clothes are gracing my wardrobe as my belly expands, boxes they just happened to set aside for whoever wanted to borrow them. Cute stuff too, like fitted old navy tees, classy dress clothes, funky dresses, you name it. I seriously have too many options right now and that is ALWAYS a blessing. I did go ahead and buy a few pairs of jeans for myself, staples that are a must have right now but besides that, I am pretty set.

I could go on and on if I sat here for a bit longer but a Friday morning off means that I need to get myself moving for the weekend's activities. I just think it is good to reflect on the surprise blessings that come our way once in awhile. So I have one more for YOU. I have a $20 shutterfly gift card that is good until the end of March that I want to bless someone else with. Here is the catch: you can't use it for yourself. Whatever you use it for has to be something to bless someone else. For example, a photo book a special trip they took, a mousepad with your face to grace their workspace, a Valentine's day gift for someone you love or a photo calendar of their family. Tell me all about who you plan to bless with it and how. I will announce a winner on Friday so be sure to let me know by Thursday night who you plan to bless!

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  1. I would love to use this to make a photo book for our daughter of when we visited her in Virginia last summer. It was an eventful time, as it was the first time we met her "guy." It could also serve as a Valentine's Day gift as well. If I didn't do that, then I would make a photo calendar for my parents of all the birthdays/anniversaries in the family. Mom always loves to send out cards and this would help her remember the event is coming up.
    You are such a sweetheart, Bekah. We are so excited to hear how God has blessed you and Ryan with furnishing, clothing, etc. It reminds us of through all the years that Mr. W has taught in the Christian school, how God has blessed us over and over again, from thousands of dollars toward a car, a new laptop, money for a needed new stove, and a 1/4 of a cow for our freezer and other things such as this throughout the last 30 years. God is so good! He certainly does supply our every needs...and even some of our wants! ;) Love you!