Friday, February 18, 2011

spring in the air.

Not sure where the past week went but happy that it included increasing amounts of sunshine. The changing weather and the calendar made me realize that we are on the verge of springtime. The season in which we will have a baby seemed so far out when we heard the little heartbeat for the first time this fall and now here we are, on the edge of it. I got so excited realizing on Wednesday that our due date is only three months away. Which in my work life translates to one quarter and we know how fast 1Q 2010 is going.

Enough of the math, all I know is that amidst the many changes taking place, I am loving sharing this time with Ryan and dreaming about the next season. We have officially decided (or more like God decided for us), that he will be going to Calvin Seminary in the fall which is a big shift from our original thoughts and plans of him attending school in Holland. Somehow, within a matter of two months the plan has been re-routed and the fact that we have so much unity about it makes all of these unknowns bearable, even worth it. We are excited to see all of it play out and trying to focus on the next right thing rather than knowing where all of the pieces fall. Someone wise told Ryan last week that sometimes you have to throw all of the pieces up in the air and ask God to fit them together like a puzzle for whatever He has for you. I thought that was a good analogy and it has given me comfort and even excitement for this season which is VERY unlike me. In fact, I have had probably five people tell me how unlike me it is and I have to laugh because I thought I hid my control freak nature a little better than I had apparently.

So the next few months will include more nesting, more questions, upcoming showers which I am so excited about and watching where these puzzle pieces fall. One more thing that I love, which came at the perfect time, is sharing my creative friends & their ventures. Remember Maggie's cute little store in Nashville? Well we just got a new children's consignment boutique in our neck of the woods, owned by my friend Kristi & her sister. I met Kristi last spring on our Israel trip and this girl is as shining and sparkling on the inside as she is on the outside.

I have realized that life on a seminary budget may look a little different and love the option of second hand things that look like new. Their store is called Little Posh, cute, I know, and I am hoping to get out there in the next few weeks. Even dreaming about doing a little "girl's night out" shopping event there sometime this spring...more to come but for now, check them out here. Happy Friday and enjoy the sunshine!

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