Saturday, April 16, 2011

too busy to blog

What a week. I can tell this baby is growing by leaps and bounds these days because it seems all of my extra energies seem to be devoted to that effort and by the end of the day, I can't wait to see my bed. Even if that means 9:30 and macaroni for dinner because it is quick and sounds good.

This week I thought several times about the fact that I was too busy or to blessed to blog. Meaning that between work, meeting with students I love and the oh-so-sweet shower that my co-workers threw me, I didn't have much time to breathe in between. I have been thinking a lot about this transition, from what I know now about being an employee and part of a team to the role I am about to step into.

I haven't written really about it yet and some days am surprised myself how the next stage for me is playing out. All of that said, I have no doubt that the moment I begin life as a mom, I will be so thankful for the opportunity to be at home with my little one. It has been an interesting journey for me, from thinking I would work part-time to realizing that with all of the other changes going on in our world this fall and the desire I have to find balance in all of it, the best thing for we three (four with Toby in there) is for me to be at home.

The next month will be bittersweet for me because I love my job, the team I have been a part of for the past six years and the clients that we serve. I also know that once we make the move to Grand Rapids (Lord willing) I will be so glad I don't have to figure out how to balance childcare and driving and Ryan being at school. I don't want to miss in all of this that it is a priveledge and a blessing to find myself in this role and know that God knows so much more about the next few years than I do. I'm excited and a little nervous, hopeful and dreaming about the days.

Our due date is one month from today and according to the doctor, this little one isn't coming any time soon. We took a poll this week and my prediction is that we will meet he or she (still not telling names!) on May 22nd, that it will be a boy and that he will weigh over 8 lbs. Can't wait to see how close or how far off I am.

In house news, I am trying to be brave, to trust the plan and prepare for another open house. I think this is where the rubber meets the road and it is a chance to trust God but sometimes I have to fight my emotions that seem stronger than what I know is true. Add hormones in there and you really have something to talk about. Ryan has been so steady for me right now and I am really glad to know we are doing all of this together, moving toward what we know God is leading us in, whatever that looks like.

I did notice today that the tulips that always surprise me are popping up in the yard and every year, they are a reminder of God's faithfulness. Spring always comes and it always reassures me to have that reminder. One day at a time!

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