Thursday, May 19, 2011

still here

Wish I had a picture of what 40 weeks and 3 days looks like, feels like things continue to stretch and grow in ways I didn't know they could. Thankfully I am really not that uncomfortable yet during the day and have even felt pretty darn good most of the time. I'm excited each time I get to go to the doctor just to hear a heartbeat and hear a little bit more of where I am at. Wondering if will be 10 hours or 10 days. Realistically I know if nothing happens in the next week I will likely be induced so I keep just thinking I have to take it moment by moment. God has been really gracious in this whole process to me, I am so excited to meet this little one and not really thinking about much else at this point! We have felt so loved and supported this week with texts, facebook messages, emails, it has been awesome to know other people are almost as excited as we are.

For now I am continuing to fill the time with reading, hanging out and more walks. My darling hubby has made a great effort to make sure I am comfortable and entertained as he knows my mind is getting a bit bored. We went on our third "late date pre-baby" last night and I was so happy to have something to look forward to.

We headed to GR for dinner & a movie and a last minute spontaneous swing into Marie Catribs for their famous chocolate pudding that he has been raving about since trying it a few months ago with a friend. If you know Ryan, you know he loves beer and cheese more than sweets but I think have been rubbing off on him. It came in a simple little tin and until we unpacked it in the dimming lights of the movie theater (thank goodness for a large purse!) I had no idea what I was in for. Oh my goodness, it was like brownie batter in pudding form, not even legal. I really did wonder for a second if I should eat it because it was SO rich. I quickly got over that and dove right in.

I also went back earlier this week and finally finished the book I had committed to back in January, Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. Such a timely reminder of the need to look for grace in everyday life. I have a feeling that the upcoming blurred days will be filled with moment by moment living, something very outside of my norm. Starting my thankfulness journal again may be one of the only ways I capture the little quiet moments for a season. Besides taking one million pictures of course.

Finally, in a "I'm going to brag like an older sister should" moment, I'm proud of my little bro who has made the move to the big city of Chicago in the past few weeks to work for Groupon. If you haven't registered for their daily deals yet, shame on you, you are missing out! Don't fret though, you can still sign up. Anyways, E is going to be working with a team on the new Groupon NOW rollout that the Chicago Tribune explained today here. Very cool and a great opportunity to be part of something growing leaps and bounds. Speculations that they are going to have an IPO (going public with their stock) in the next year make it even more exciting to get in at ground level with them.

Nothing more from me this afternoon...feet up and watching the time go by.

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