Sunday, May 1, 2011

winding down


38 weeks and it feels like things are starting to wind down. Little clothes are being washed & folded, special date nights are taking place and we will soon have nothing to do but wait. With it being the first day of May, knowing this will be the month that we will welcome our baby boy or girl, I finally have a peace about the next however many days we have between now and then.

We committed ourselves to putting as much energy as we could into selling the house until May 1st which made it feel like a lot of little things needed to be on hold until today. Here we are now in May and there is a 50/50 chance that we could have a buyer in the next few days as we work with someone who is interested in our home. I feel good that we gave it our all and have to just trust that God knows the timing from here on out.

So, regardless of the outcome, I am committed to finishing my last week of work this Friday, putting my feet up, catching up on movies and books and praying for this little life soon to bless our family with it's presence. I also want this time to be full of moments with my sweet husband and our close friends. Ryan and I went downtown Holland on Friday night and enjoyed a dinner date & a redbox and jump started summer last night with our first visit of the year to Saugatuck with Ben & Stacie. It felt great to sit outside and of course, to get ice cream cones.

here are my plans for today:


  1. How cute is your belly?! Excited for you and this next season. Keep me posted on the house!

  2. I want to do a last-time date with you too! :) Or snuggle on the other side of the couch with you and talk about your transitions and possible housing deal and coming baby blessing!

  3. Bekah, your such an inspiration to me - thank you for being so positive and for trusting God, I am so encouraged by that! I am praying for you during these last few days/hours now that you soaking in your time with Ryan and just relaxing in your home!