Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what I'm learning

The past week has been one of the more emotional ones thus far in my pregnancy. It's like the hormone switch got cranked up a notch and I am reminding myself that this is all normal and part of the journey. Normal or not, I have to admit, I am more comfortable when I feel in control.

Which leads me to what I am learning. It is not easy to have a house for sale and be in transition when your body and life are progressing towards something you haven't experienced before. However, I am finding that the joy of having your husband as your best friend to walk it with and a few close friends who really get you make it ok. I'm learning that everything doesn't have to be perfect or designer or 100% how I want it to be a loving and Godly mom.

I could have said that before and believed it but I feel like I am really learning it in these last days as my desire to have everything in place increases. It doesn't mean I have full control of these crazy emotions or that I don't face fear but I really want to hold to the excitement of this time rather than any worry that might rise up in me.

Hearing the joyful news of Molly's little boy yesterday put a lot back in to perspective for me. I think first of all, realizing how closely she and I have been walking together in this journey and now here she is a momma which means I am soon to follow. But more importantly, how loved and cherished that little one already is. Not because of anything that has been prepared but because of the love that a little baby brings the moment they come in to the world. So even though I don't have everything in our house set up the way I thought it would be with the "perfect space" prepared, I am learning that the love we have ready for this baby will be all it really needs.


  1. I hear every piece of your heart in this post... love it, love you. Love baby. Proud of you.

  2. "I am learning that the love we have ready for this baby will be all it really needs." Absolutely, 100% true! I'm so blessed by you and by your spirit--one that desires everything good for your little babe. This past week has been one big lesson on love for us, and soon, that same love will be filling up your house SO full that nothing else will matter in the slightest. We can't wait to celebrate with you--and we already are :) Your sweet baby will be here in a matter of days, and it will bring you the purest, most perfect joy that life has to offer! Love you!

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