Wednesday, June 18, 2008

from Good to Great...well actually it didn't start out so good

Well today wasn't one of those mornings where I popped out of bed; more like the snooze is probably broken from overuse and at 8:50 (embarrasing, I know for someone who prides themself on being a morning person) I drug myself out of bed only to find out I was having a terrible hair day, ripped my last spare contact and that my favorite business jacket was as wrinkly as a pug. So, with a quick straighter attempt on my hair and ensemble, I was off one-eyed to an interview.
Thankfully those nice (translated as accomadating in this case)ladies at the eye doctor hooked me up with full vision in 7 minutes flat so I had time to spare in the traffic back up.

I had to laugh though, amidst talking to myself on the highway on the way home. Amazing the time and opportunity this break from the 8-5 is affording me. I met with the executive director of a local organization and was so blessed by her story. She is in her early 60s and just beginning to explore her true passions in life within this organization. She was so affirming of me right where I am at and over coffee I could see that something in us was connected through our stories.

So back to the talking to myself; what I said outloud was "I have really great friends."

I realized today how many stories God has been weaving into my path. I think I have felt myself going through a shift in the past year or so of not thriving as deeply in a long list of acquantances but longing for deep relationship in those who I share life with. People who know my stories, like the time I ate a whole can of beans and threw up out my nose, or the high school heartbreak I thought would destroy my LIFE when he brought the replacement girlfriend in fishnets to district finals. Or the girls who drove me to 3 different gas stations to find a ben & jerrys flavor that sounded good at 11 p.m. and passed hours on a futon sharing reruns of friends and determining who a good pick-a-date would be, endless handy andy breadstick Tuesdays and shameless afternoons of skipped classes to go to Indy.

Those stories of the past and then the stories of the now shared over walks & lots of coffee in the corner chair at beaners in recent weeks! I am very clearly blessed so those of you who are characters in my story, thank you for playing your part and making me so bubbled over that I had to speak it outloud today.

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  1. Ah, I love being one of those friends. God is moving in and through you so strongly right now, Bekah... even though I'm sure some days you wish he'd move a little bit faster. You are a beautiful creation and I love you. Anyday at that corner chair... Love you. Christina