Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ah, something roomy and inviting about this blank page to spread my thoughts about. For me, this is about being real, returning to me, finding the me who seems a bit shaken up but I think it is all in perspective, maybe I am not shaken but being molded & crafted. The potter is workin on me. And I don't want to miss a thing.

Just like throwing on a wheel, when the clay starts to feel dry and begins to crack, the Potter softens it again and soothes it with more water. God isn't going to let me dry up, He is sustaining me.

So I'm ready, I'm in transition from being in my early 20s to my mid 20s as I just marked the quarter century marker. Alot of what this clay bit about for me right now is identity. Today is the beginning of my 3rd week unemployed, by my own decisiveness. I would have loved for everything to be lined up for my next career move; you would have thought giving 10 months notice might breed that type of transition. But I am in a place where I cannot find my daily validation in what I can accomplish professionally-- and yes, I feel myself grappling for it in other areas, suddenly my intent for a clean house and folded laundry has risen.

And then I remember that this is about something exciting, something bigger than me. and this blog is to remind me of that. to share my thoughts, neurotic as they may be and most of all to recognize what is right in front of my eyes

today I am thankful for:
coco mocha nut iced coffee (with whip)
pandora.com providing a soundtrack for the now (Norah, John, Natasha, Coldplay)
wireless at home
Ryan's trust
a closed road forcing me to walk to the post office
the library calling to tell me the book I requested is in
free texting
a home that we love
unexpected lengthy emails
sore legs indicating a good run


  1. first of all, i love the name of your blog, very creative and inspiring. second i am excited to get to hear more of your thoughts my far away friend.

  2. becca...i would love to be a part of your blog in any way shape or form. i was reading yours yesterday and felt so refreshed to hear someone talking so earnestly about the Lord and her love and trust in Him. know i will be visiting yours often-it makes it far more fun when people are actually reading what you write:)