Thursday, June 26, 2008

welcome to the jungle

Let me start out by saying that I love nothing more than a summer night on a deck (mosquito free) with good conversation. Some great memories on decks like last summer with my Dad, Ryan and Erich over a whole carrot cake from Bar Louie, or what about that August night 2 summers ago when Em and I shared endless laughter over a bottle of Tabor Hill semi-dry white on her back patio in our pajamas.

And then there is MY yard, deckless and overgrown.
So, with a little help from round up & my powered hand held weed trimmer I was on my way. For 2 hours I cut, and pulled and raked and cut some more...right through not 1but 2 extension cords! I am very aware in retrospect that this wasn't the safest probably but in the moment I wasn't going to let a shredded power cord and some sparks stop me, so I pulled another out. And I can't really use the excuse that they blended in because they were neon orange and yellow. Hm. maybe I can pose this concern to Ryan as a safety hazard and hire this out. Nah, I think the pride will be worth it when my yard looks like this:

a girl can dream right?

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