Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reeds Lake 10k 2008

Ah. the beginning of my late spring training. ok, maybe it is summer training at this point because July 1st is this week. How familiar it is, the early Saturday mornings, the feeling of the pavement and playing mind games to pass the miles. Let's not forget my favorite, the carb loading. My good friends from small group, Kate and Jamie, joined me this morning in the East GR Reeds Lake Run. The registration read "2 hills" but I think they should have mentioned the not so slight inclines present through the whole race. What doesn't kill you earns you a donut afterwards right?! (cinnamon roll with chocolate frosting for your information).

I am actively working to catch the running bug again after last year's season of ups and downs. My goal this time around is to focus less on performance measured by time and more by how healthy I feel. It is embarrasing to admit how bummed I was last time when I didn't achieve my goal at the GR Marathon. Sometimes my personal motivation drive works overtime and I get myself hyped up over expectations I have for me. I am working on it though with the help of my husband's regular reality checks and pride in me.

I guess I better go take a shower before even my dog won't want to sit by me from the smell of a Michigan muggy day run. Enjoy your weekend!

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