Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today was an amazingly full day and I continue to be surprised, usually pleasantly, as the days unfold before me. I was really looking forward to this one though because I had not 1, not 2, but 3 interviews today which was wonderfully hopeful and exciting. It was a welcome routine from my days serving as Ryan's personal assistant and doing important things like returning cans & waiting in the post office line. Other than that, most days I get up around 7, work out, and try to determine what coffee shop might be my office for the day. I may have said this before but it is not like the tasky things of life feel any different. My laundry was always done before, vacuum run when it was needed & at least a clean glass to drink from. I just did all of those things after 5:00 where as now they are spread out. Which gives me hope that once I find a job I don't have to give up my crown as domestic queen. ha.

Today's interviews were at 9,11, and 1 which allowed me to break up my day with a cup of fairly traded coffee around 10:15 at Global Infusion in the East Hills District of GR at the table in the right hand corner seen below. I lost myself for few minutes in the hand carved frames from India and children's trinkets from Peru. The lovely store owner Joana and her BFF started the store about 4 years ago and feature gifts and yummy stuff from all over the world.

I continue to fall more in love with GR each neighborhood I pass through. I am jealous of those who have such close proximity to culture, even in West Michigan. Erich and I also enjoyed an outdoor lunch today (social butterfly on the cafe scene eh?) at the lovely Marie Catrib's, savoring each bite of the pita chips, cucumber, tomato and tuna salad with the cute little pasta shells. Every time I go there I get the urge to eat with my hands and order multiple items ala cart. But I refrain for the good of the dining public at large.


  1. I am impressed... 3 interviews in one day! Hopefully we can stop playing phone tag sometime soon!

  2. Hi Bekah! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Greg is so awesome! I'm glad you're his friend too. I love global infusion! We should meet up next time you're in GR!


    i might be a lifer
    slowly migrating to reeds lake
    who knows

  4. Hey Bekah! I can't do tomorrow...I have a pretty packed day at work and will be at a meeting from 10-4. Let me know next time! I work in East, so we could grab lunch or coffee around there sometime!
    I'm looking forward to it!