Friday, May 29, 2009

on being a homebody

What is it about Fridays when I know I will be home for the weekend that gives me so much joy? Is it is as simple as knowing I don’t have to fold my clothes into a suitcase, or that I can stretch my laundry over the next two days? Maybe it is the ability to take a walk on a whim with some friends to get ice cream or just plain sit on my couch with my coffee and check blogs Saturday morning.

Looking forward to having my little brother Austin sleepover tonight for his 12th birthday tonight; it just seems insane to me that he is already on the verge of being a teenager and everything that goes along with it. Girl time tomorrow while Ryan does some homework and and Sunday afternoon at the lake with the fam.

Sarah will be counting the dollars from the past 2 days of garage sales, even though today I had to work my real job, we had so much fun yesterday! Hard earned dollars combined with my craigslist earnings because one girls’ junk is another girl’s treasures give me some extra cash for…next weekend which will not be spent at home!

A week from today is our annual TU reunion and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to sit on someone else’s couch on Saturday morning, enjoying my coffee with the girls instead of their blogs!

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  1. amen, I love it that this weekend is completely empty! Although, I have a splitting headache and no tylenol :(