Thursday, May 28, 2009

8 year dativersary

oh yes ladies- he's mine! Today marks 8 years of togetherness for Ryan and I.
May 28, 2001 it became "ryan & bekah", the beginning of us.

8 short years ago today he asked me to meet him at Hager Park so I could practice my speech for gradution the next day and maybe to flirt a little bit too.
Hook line and sinker, I was all his after the invite out for ice cream that followed. If I'm honest, I was already beginning to fall for him over those Spring months of our senior year as we had a few nights out to dinner, ordering every appetizer sampler platter known to man and just enjoying the ease of one another's company. The bus rides home from softball & baseball games, the rounds of mini-golf, the late night drives, holding hands for the first time on our senior trip. so sweet.

And I feel like in these 8 years we have grown up together through fighting for our relationship through my Taylor years, he harder than I at many times, pursuing me with no end, determining my major, changing it, changing it back to my original choice. Weeks apart, 2 breakups, late night laughter, hoping summers would never end, emails and emails, and some more emails (now saved in my email folder entitled "love letters").

I wouldn't trade this growing up for a thing. We now stand hand in hand walking forward in a new direction as Ryan pursues school, future ministry and whatever God has next. And this 8 years feel like a firm foundation of friendship and love, bringing my heart so much joy.


  1. It has been fun to see parts of your love story as it has become what it is today!

  2. What a sweet story! Eric and I starting dating in high school as well and feel like we have grown up together as well. I feel like we are so strong because of that. It's great to hear of another couple!

  3. Isn't it amazing how God can use marriage to help us grow up? I love to see couples who continue to grow more in love too as the years go by. (Can't even believe we have been married for years!)

  4. What a fun idea and cute memories. Congrats on making it this far!!