Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a day in pictures

the big 2-6 turned out to be such a great day from beginning to end. It began with waking up and deciding that instead of working out, I would make some morning glory muffins. which were then enjoyed ala breakfast in bed watching multiple episodes of Arrested Development on Hulu with Ryan, who just so happened to be working from home.

on to an afternoon of coffee with my mom & 2 brothers,and a surprise gift! A whole box of party stuff like napkins, paper plates, etc. I don't think they knew I would be so happy about it but the fact that it had to be in the picture might have given them a clue.

When I got home, there was a card on the counter with 2 little cards inside from Ry. A nice card, despite the silly picture but that is what you get for a dog lover. The cards were for my choice for dinner and to go shopping for one thing that I wanted.

Red Robin was a MUST for dinner, hello! they give you a free burger on your b-day for signing up for their e-newsletter. freesy easy! Whisky River BBQ burger and bottomless fries. Then on to Coldstone for my free "like it" that I got the same way...yum. And my shopping choice, some new sandals that I LOVE. Thanks babe, it was such a great night!


  1. I came here to say happy birthday, and now that I read your hubby's comment, I want to say, "Aw." :) It is so WONDERFUL to see how much love you two have for one another. Anyway, happy belated birthday, Bekah!