Thursday, June 11, 2009

a new slight obsession

what started as a small simple journal...led to a website...and now I may never be the same. Forgive my dramatics but I just jumped on after purchasing one of their journals. Think Steven Covey (Franklin Covey) meets your junior high art teacher. brilliant. I have this little guy and originally bought it because I needed a place to record prayers and praises.

I felt like too much of life was just passing me by with small miracles, prayers, quotes, running in and out of my mind before I had a chance to soak any of them in. So I wrote in the front "prayers and praises" 2009 and found that it fits perfectly in my purse so I have no excuse for leaving it on my nightstand.

Last night I was reminded, in my Esther study (of course), that it is "for such a time as this" we were born. Esther didn't just happen to be born at the time she was, a Jew, in the palace and with an opportunity. She had a choice, to face her fear and to take the courage given to her. Those may have seemed like big moments and we can wonder how it might relate to our daily prayers and comings and goings, but I think God gives those to us day by day if we look for them. We spent some really meaningful time in prayer as a group and sharing small miracles that give hope. Those are the things that I need to write down, to keep in my journal and on my heart.

Just for fun, they also have a great collection of diaries with locks. If I were 10, you might see this one crammed between my mattress'.

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