Sunday, June 14, 2009

smells like...

my high school bffs circa 1999. I know the rest of you 80s children were waiting for me to finish that sentence with "Teen Spirit". Let me explain myself so you don't start wondering what exactly my friends smelled like sophomore through senior year of high school.

Yesterday after an early morning run on the other side of town, I used Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon body wash in a friend's shower. It took me straight back to the locker room for JV volleyball games, hanging out with my girls outside of our lockers senior year, Slurpee runs and days at Grand Haven. This was our scent.

Then came Ralph Lauren Romance, Ryan bought my first bottle for me right before beginning my freshman year at Taylor University. A smell signifying a young romance, late night phone conversations outside my door in Room 237, driving 3 hours just to meet for dinner (and maybe a kiss too), a new chapter of life. Sophomore year brought a whiff of "Ralph", the edgier scent that came in that cute little blue bottle. That was the year that we broke up for a while, I changed my major to communications and then back to psychology within a matter of weeks, went to Kenya, tried to heal from a heartbreak, mended the heartbreak, and started wearing Romance again.

A few more current scents that give me emotion:
-the smell of JP's coffee which reminds me of the beginning of my professional career after college & getting coffee in the mornings
-Old Spice deoderant that smells like cologne when Ryan gives me a hug
-Cover Girl powder which will always smell like my grandma "touching up" her makeup

What are your "smells like" scents that bring you back to places and times?

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