Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the difference one year can make

welcome to june, only 3 days late right? This week is flying by and I stopped in my tracks Monday morning, realizing that a year ago (june 1, 2008) was my first day of choosen unemployment. While, maybe not choosen unemployment but working myself out of a job without another one lined up.
I went back and read my first thoughts on this blog at that time, looking for a space to lay my thoughts out to examine.

And oh friends, the difference a year can make. Let's start from the very beginning and at the risk of writing chapters, I think a list will do:

in the past year I...
-left my job and my stability
-left my position with the youth group
-enter identity crisis, stage right
-sat on my couch, coffee shops and the chairs of my interviewers for 5 weeks
-got hired at non-profit development company
-company closed
-back to coffee shop, but only for a morning as I met my new boss there
-started working for a non-profit, realized it had a short term purpose
-left that job for my old job that I worked so hard to quit
-decided with my husband that he would sell his business and I would be his sugar mamma
-found myself happy there

On a heart level: learned my worth is defined so much deeper than what I am doing, that someday I will love being a mother, watched dear friends get married, friends who struggled to have a baby have their sweet baby girl, learned about grief, learned about joy, watched my husband grow in his faith & joined in for the ride, ran some more miles, experienced anxiety and experienced peace.

I am thankful for the difference that a year can make.

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  1. the difference a day can make - My past 24 hours

    1.went in to work and discussed helping some people start a business. No worries, I will be very minorly involved :)

    2.met with an accountant on the entire "departure" thing and the implications of it. a chance to talk with Adam, the worship leader at my church, and here about the past year of growth in his life.

    4.met with Pastor Tom and discussed the revelation of God verses man-made religion. He also shared about some of his experiences with me which were very helpful.

    5.met my wife at home and went up to Greenville for an 80th b-day party for her Uncle Everett. The family shared that Uncle E is like a tree planted by the waters with deep roots in God. "I hope this gets said about me someday." I also realized many things about my Uncle E that I never knew and plan to meet with him this summer to discuss further.

    6.I had the chance to pray with my wife on the ride home for our expectations of people in this world to be changed, and that our worldview would continuously be changed to God's, not ours.

    6.Listened to my wife have a "giggle-fit" when the man she booked a hotel for said the phrase "n as in gnome." Seriously, she couldn't stop was great.

    7.Sat in bed thanking God for the good things in life, and asking him for wisdom in the grief that has been surrounding it from others.

    This year has been amazing. Lots of growth in our walks with God, and of course that's all that really matters. However, I am reminded again that we are only guaranteed today...and today was a really good day :)