Friday, June 19, 2009

inviting creativity to the party

you may have noticed a new little button on my site here...I am now an
Uppercase Living consultant (wall words and all kinds of fun stuff)! If you have not heard of the company, no worries. I had not either until early April when I was at a home decor boutique in a local beach town and the shop owner showed me a few Uppercase Living ideas. I was hooked and am excited to share it with you. Here is a link to my personal site if you are interested in checking a catalog out.

I am also going to be creating original pieces inspired by the whole "shabby chic" look starting with the windows and doors that I got at an awesome barn sale today. Major adrenaline rush as I got there and there were already 20 people scouring the place for deals at 9:10...the doors opened at 9. It's funny because I never dreamed that I would be doing something like this but somehow over the events of the past year, perspective switched a bit and here I am. I promise this blog won't become my business journal. Nope, counting on it and my good friends to keep my creative adrenaline in balance.

but while we are here, check out a few fun things for inspiration! If you are interested, send me an email me and we can chat. And for the rest of y'all (still the lingering effect of the Southern drawl coveted while in Florida with the girls) there may just be a giveaway somewhere down the road as well...

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