Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a new season

I was reminded yesterday that some things that I think of as "long term" seasons or transitions really are only "short term". It is the end, for now, of Ryan's life as an entrepreneur and really feels like the end of an era as July 1 marks the sale of his business and the catapult into this new season of being a full time student.

Hard to believe that 4 years ago, he and Jeremy started Stability One , just 3 weeks after we returned from our honeymoon. And as proud as I am of him for what he accomplished in those 4 years, seeing him pursue what he knows he is called to means more than any company earnings or success ever could. And I am thankful to know he feels the same way.

I imagined there to be a sense of mourning when this day came, as a piece of life that has been part of our marriage and identity for 4 years has come to an end. But it feels less like we are breaking something off and more like we are phasing into something new, that is the right fit for this time. It feels like freedom; freedom from insane work weeks and freedom from the pull for Ryan between work and school. Now those 2 words are one and the same for him, school is work. Ready to walk this journey ahead and excited to see what it brings!

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