Tuesday, June 30, 2009

whirlwind weekend

sometimes life seems to be stuck on a permanent fast forward button. Almost always when summertime comes, there are weekends of zipping through one celebration to the next. Stuck in there are memories and moments of laughter and this past weekend was no different. This is how it went:
Friday night, birthday party for my favorite 3 year old which of course, was "Cars" themed. The simple summertime life of blowing bubbles, eating outside and hanging out on picnic tables.

his momma made the cake herself and it turned out great!

Saturday morning up early to drive to other side of the state for a gorgeous (PINK) wedding in Troy. I really have never seen so much pink in one place at one time. "Barbie-esque" as my husband called it. No one escaped without a little bit of sparkle on them. I wish I had pictures but just imagine pink lemonade or pepto vision for everything you see and you can transport yourself there. Ryan's grandma was here as well for the wedding and we usually only see her one time a year, on the 4th of July so that was an extra treat.

Despite our calm smiles, we almost didn't make it to the wedding after realizing that it was 30 miles away from the place we were getting ready & found ourselves sitting in HEAVY traffic at 2:50 when the wedding started at 3:00. always an adventure. We made it and caught the vows, the rings, and when the pastor introduced the couple as Mr. & Mrs. Johnson (the bride's maiden name). Worst part was he didn't realize his error.

Sunday brought adventures at Sandy Pines, where Ryan's parents have a summer home and Rochelle and I laid by the pool and took a golf cart ride to the ice cream store, if that isn't the heart of summer, I don't know what is. We ended the weekend grilling out with our best friends from church whose little girl just turned 2 months old. I love watching our friends become parents and we enjoyed hanging out and taking a LONG walk that is part of their daily routine. What a weekend! Thankful for times away but always thankful to be home.


  1. Hey sis, I was blessed by our weekend together full of food, fun, and surprises! I still need to get some of these pic's from you, or can you send them to me. Memories :)

  2. Always a pleasure to read smart people