Monday, July 6, 2009

celebrating early

if you are anything like me, you like surprises and you like celebrations. beautiful combination. And if I am the one planning the surprise, I half hope that the little details will spill out because I just want to share the fun plans. That was kind of the case for our Friday (the 3rd). It was a day together, with no real big plans but I had about 50 options in my mind to celebrate a combo of Ryan's retirement & our 4th anniversary which is the 8th of July.

Thought about kayaks, about renting scooters, or even Segways due to the recent OBSESSION with Arrested Development inspired by the character Gob (pronounced Job). All my excitement aside, I truly wanted it to be a day for Ryan to enjoy so I told him my long list of ideas and he had a novel suggestion.

How about just seeing where the day takes us? Hmm. Never thought of that. First stop: Downtown Zeeland!

We brought Toby with us for a walk and thought we were going to hit up the Mainstreet Sidewalk sales...come to find out they are NEXT Friday. But that didn't keep us from checkin out the new candy store that just opened.

my cute hubby even knew what I wanted without asking, gummy goodness. worms to be exact and I will spare you the picture where I shared one with Tobs.

From there we headed down to Fenn Valley winery upon his suggestion and enjoyed a bottle of white wine and a lunch of crackers, summer sausage & cheese, which I think Ry could live on. We sat out in the sun and enjoyed the scene as well as great conversation and then onto Saugatuck for some Kilwins of course & lots of people (and dog) watching. We ended the night with a yummy BLT pizza from Jets that we got take out so we could spend the rest of the night lounging at home. So glad I "ruined' the surprise because Ryan always has such great ideas for our days together.

The rest of the holiday weekend was ALOT of fun and truly started Thursday night with the Mat Kearney concert with Den & Em...she blogged about our adventures so I will let her do the honors on that one. I loved the show and the late summer night with good friends. We spent the 4th with the Wallace fam up at the cottage for our annual get together and my only wish there was for more SUNSHINE but the fireworks, company & 8 hour bean bag toss competition was more than enough to make me happy!

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