Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life in Fours

For Ryan, on our 4 year wedding anniversary.

When you are 6 years old, 4 years until the age of 10 seems like ETERNITY and there are so many things you are old enough, or tall enough, to do. Then you get to high school and those 4 years are jammed packed with bff’s and learning to drive, varsity sports and prom, and in the last of those 4 years, the biggest decision you have made until that point of where you will spend the next 4. College begins and 4 years of growing in new ways, with new friends and life in a whole different context.

Life seems to come in nice little packages of 4 until you are in your twenties giving a framework and a timeline of sorts for how and when decisions should be made. Then life’s gates fling themselves wide open into an expansive set of 70-80 years. A new perspective that is both freeing and paralyzing at times, not knowing what timeline should be set and sometimes missing the structure of the 4.

As I sit here on our 4 year wedding anniversary, I am struck by so many things that have happened in these 1,460 days and how thankful I am that this season of life isn’t set into a 4 year timeline. I love walking through life side by side as best friends and want to enjoy the next moment, days, and years together, open to whatever length the different seasons we encounter may be.

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