Saturday, July 18, 2009

dressing in layers

As I got dressed tonight to head out to the campgrounds that my family is staying at this week, I pulled on my current favorite jeans and a fitted brown tee. I decided the t-shirt just wasn't laying right so I layered it up with a tank over top that I always feel good in. It gives and hugs and lays just the way it is supposed to, covering the things I want covered and giving attention to the good stuff.

The funny thing about layering is that it doesn't change what is underneath, it just changes what others perceive or see. I think it is this way with the transparency of our lives as well. I was reminded this week in two separate conversations with friends that I easily place layers on the areas of my life that I am unsure about or working through, in the same way I wear certain clothes when I am in disagreement with my body. It's like I don't even realize, I just dress myself in a way that the things that are in process are covered up and made presentable and keep going on my merry way.

I don't want to be someone who is less than transparent in relationship, who doesn't have to make sure that every hair is in place and my shirt tucked in, so to speak. I want to be able to emotionally have my socks not match and my shirt need ironing, to let myself be seen in the process. And I think the end result would not be that it would all look and fit perfectly into a neat little package, but that I would allow myself to be transformed less into who I want to be underneath and more who Christ gave Himself up for me to be. Because of that we can be radiant, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing and I'm telling you, I would rather wear this than any layered look I can come up with.


  1. amen. that's all there is to say.

  2. Bekah, I love the way you think and thanks for challenging me.