Wednesday, August 12, 2009

book giveaway!

I just joined a Random House book blog club recently and am reading the above "The Friends We Keep" by Sarah Zacharais Davis and loving the insight. As women and inherently relational beings, I believe we all long for community. Getting there as women can sometimes prove to be difficult. I feel like there have been so many seasons in my life where I continue to redefine my close friendships and re-learn my role.

This book speaks to all of the dynamics of women's friendships and is a true picture of how because we need relationships in the way our bodies need water and air. More to come on my thoughts of the book but as part of my book club I have the chance to give a copy of this book away to one lucky friend. In order to have a shot at owning the book yourself, I want to know what you think the best and worst part of women's friendships are. Is it the girl's nights and the tears, the jealousy and the joys? Let it all out. I will choose a random winner this Sunday night so enter quick!

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  1. The book sounds awesome Bek! Great recommendation, if I don't win it, I suppose I'll have to go get it myself.

    Best: Being understood. While men make great friends, husbands, fathers, and brothers; there is something to be said about how a woman can understand you.

    Worst: Being jealous. Whether it's with your sister or best friend, how easy it is to be jealous of each other instead of being happy for each other.

  2. Hey there! It's been a long time! I hope we can see each other again soon! Sounds like you're reading a good one!

    If you read my post, "Me and my Monkey Friend" that will give some insight on how I see friendships with girls :) but to answer your question directly:

    I think the best thing about having relationships with women is that when you find the right ones you could simultaneously care less about what the world says about being a women. Let your hair down, let your belly hang out, put on the 80's music and dance the night away. Alone it's not so easy being a girl, but when there's two, or even more, you give each other permission to simply be that... a girl.

    I think the worst part is just the opposite. When you don't find the right ones it is an open door for selfish motives and false refuges. as if to think that advancing ourselves before our sister gets us anywhere.. pleez. Oh how I learned this the hard way.

  3. Hmmmm best and worst parts of women's friendships....I have thought a lot about this actually. As a younger lady many of my friends were guys. I loved this but knew somthings were missing as well. So here is what I think about the bests and worsts..

    Best: Only another woman can truly understand the intricacies of the female mind. We can be each others' greatest strength and we know the pressures that come with being a woman today and can empathize and laugh with each other about everything that comes with this.

    Worst: At times it can be only TOO easy to compare ourselves to the other women around us. Even the ones we love the most can sometimes reveal in us the things that we are most insecure about. With men it can be easier to just value their assets without seeing those assets as things we are missing in ourselves.

    Hopefully this makes sense to someone other than myself. It is getting late and I am most likely not expressing myself as clearly as I might like. :)

  4. Bekah, Did you know I work at WaterBrook Multnomah!? So funny that you are part of our blog team, so glad :) Glad you are enjoying the book too! I totally have comments on the best and worst part of girls friendships but I think I'm too tired to get into that. Great idea though!