Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake Geneva, WI part 2, the adventures

Amazing how a week of vacation can enough space for relaxation and exploring new places. I loved the town of Lake Geneva and we drove in a couple of times to just walk around and soak up the historic beach town. Here we are goofing around one night on the pier:

One of the highlights of our day trip into Milwaukee was Lakefront Brewery which some friends had highly recommended and it did not let us down. It was so laid back and fun that the hour tour flew by with a hilarious guide who is one of the original founders of the place. If you ever have a chance, for $6 you get multiple beer tastings and an awesome pint glass as a souvenir. It stood out as a favorite of everyone in the group as we sat on our last night and discussed the highlights of the week

We also took the chance to visit the "CHEESE MART", part of this little German district with a cheese store that ships internationally and has cheeses I have never even heard of. My poor family, a few of them asked me if I was going to buy a hat...am I that embarrassing?!

We tried to stretch our last 24 hours by waking up on Friday & kayaking down a river, just the 2 of us, which was a must-do on Ryan's short list. And I happily obliged, so relaxing and fun to just paddle side-by-side. Or more like Ryan was usually way ahead of me and I was dodging bushes and trees but I got the hang of it. For our last night we dressed up for dinner at a beautiful little Bistro on the top floor of an old manor with yummy appetizers like baked brie, bruschetta, and spinach dip followed by deep dishes of pasta and later the last pieces of the Lake Geneva Pie Company strawberry/rhubarb & apple pies ala mode. perfection.

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