Monday, September 21, 2009

ArtPrize. in little ole' GR

So there is this amazing thing in GR that kicks off tomorrow called ArtPrize and we know some people that have entered art as well as heard about some INCREDIBLE pieces.

Basically, a bunch of local organizations and local venues opened up their space to artists, who then campaigned for space and the venues choose those they felt fit best. I am really excited about such a cool way to see different types of art for free and the chance to vote easily (via text) who will win cold hard cash. Up to $250,000. We are planning on heading down there this weekend with Dennis & Em while they are in town if the weather cooperates. Here is one of the artists than I know and cannot wait to check out:

Amanda Clark

She has created 18 foot tall trees on metal panels and check out her link above because my words can't do justice to what a masterpiece she has created. It is at Spectrum's Lemmen-Holten Cancer Center and it is definitely on my list of places to see @ Art Prize. very cool and just adds to my list of reasons I love living in West Michigan. amen and amen.

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